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Even More Texas Wildflowers

in the Hill Country of Central Texas

Photos below were taken by Leslie Davis in 2005

1-paintbrushes_and_moon_lake-c.jpg (17059 bytes)
Texas Paintbrush and Lake LBJ

1-Paintbrushes-c.jpg (30960 bytes)
Texas Paintbrush

1-Bluebonnet-c.jpg (11608 bytes)

1-bluebonnet_from_the_top-c.jpg (9476 bytes)
Looking down on a Bluebonnet

1-bluebonnets_and_red_barn-c.jpg (12948 bytes)
Field of Bluebonnets and a Barn

1-flowers_looking_up-c.jpg (15601 bytes)
Looking up at Bluebonnets and Texas Paintbrush

1-White_bluebonnets-c.jpg (26273 bytes)
White Bluebonnets with the Blue

1-flowers_purple-c.jpg (24976 bytes)
Wild Phlox

1-Yellow-flowers-c.jpg (18139 bytes)
Greenthread and Indian Blanket


Photos below were taken by David W. Matney in 2007

2-Bluebonner-Flowers-c.jpg (12824 bytes)

2-Indian-Blanket-Flowers-c.jpg (25493 bytes)
Indian Blankets

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