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Texas Wildflowers in the Hill Country of Central Texas

The Texas wildflower pictures below were taken in April, May and June in the Highland Lakes area of the Texas Hill Country in central Texas.  There are 48 different types of Texas wildflowers shown in the pictures on this web site.   Most of the wildflower pictures were taken near Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ and Lake Marble Falls in central Texas.  A lot of the Texas wildflower photos were taken near Kingsland and Marble Falls, Texas.

Bluebonnets  bluebonnets
Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis)

Bluebonnets are the most popular Texas wildflowers in central Texas and people come from hundreds of miles to view the Bluebonnets.  The Bluebonnets start blooming in the middle of March and usually peak about the second week of April.  In the middle of April fields of the blooming flowers can be found around Lake Buchanan and Kingsland, Texas.  It is a beautiful sight.

By the end of April the Bluebonnets usually are fading away.  It is difficult to predict where the best fields of Bluebonnets will be each year.  A good field the previous year may have few flowers the following year, while fields that had very few flowers the year before may have thousands of flowers.

A field that was filled with Bluebonnets can completely change over a few weeks time to a field of red and then a field of yellow.  All of the colors are spectacular to see.

Indian Paintbrush  Indian Paintbrush
Texas Paintbrush (Castilleja indivisa)

Texas Paintbrush wildflowers start blooming the same time as the Bluebonnets and bloom in the same areas with the Bluebonnets, side by side, from the middle of March through April.  The Texas Paintbrush wildflowers are more predictable in where they will bloom.  They usually bloom well where they bloomed the year before. 

Indian Blanket  Indian Blanket
Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)

As the Bluebonnets and Texas Paintbrush are fading the Indian Blanket wildflowers come in to take over.  You can usually see a lot of the Indian Blankets blooming from later in April through May.  The Indian Blanket is a beautiful flower that is found along the highways near Lake Buchanan, Kingsland and Marble Falls, Texas.  The yellow border on the flower varies from a wide yellow border to none at all.

In 2007 the Indian Blanket wildflowers seemed to dominate the fields in late April and Early May.  There were a lot more of the Indian Blanket flowers than usual.  They seem to be spreading rapidly.

yellow flower  yellow flowers
Greenthread (Thelesperma filiform)

There are several types of yellow wildflowers that bloom in the Highland Lakes and Hill Country Area of Central Texas.  The yellow flowers start coming out heaviliy in late April and bloom into June.  These are the most proliferant flowers in the Hill Country with literally billions of flowers throughtout the fields.  The fields of the flowers are absolutely beautiful! 

Winecup.jpg (12605 bytes)  Winecups
Winecup (Callirhoe involucrata)

The Winecup wildflowers are a dainty flower that is growing in popularity and abundance.  These flowers seem to be doing better each year.  The Winecups bloom from April through June in the Hill Country area around Lake Buchanan and near Kingsland.

Square-Bud Primrose (Calylophus berlandieri subsp. pinifolius)

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